Like chickens and turkeys, factory-farmed ducks are subjected to horrific abuse from the time they hatch until they are violently killed at the slaughterhouse. A new Mercy For Animals investigation at one of the nation’s largest duck factory farms exposes sickening cruelty and criminal neglect of these gentle birds.
Hidden-Camera Footage Recorded:
Baby ducklings having the tips of their beaks burned with red-hot metal
Ducks suffering from illness and injuries without proper veterinary care
Birds trapped in or under the wire cage flooring left to slowly suffer and die
Ducks having their throats cut while still conscious and able to feel pain

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Cruelty Critics
“Ducks are anatomically and behaviorally adapted to an aquatic life. Wire mesh flooring… does not give the ducks’ webbed feet needed support or cushion. … Even more importantly… trapping is a common and injurious outcome. … If they are unable to escape, they can die from worsening injuries or from dehydration”
Dr. Sara Shields
“[Ducks] are in pain from unnecessary procedures such as bill trimming; they suffer untreated injuries and illnesses from an unsafe and inappropriate environment and negligent management; they are unable to express many of the most basic normal behaviors of ducks due to open water deprivation; and they endure significant fear and distress in the slaughtering process.”
Dr. Debra Teachout
“I was very alarmed to witness severe neglect and cruelty inflicted on ducks at this facility. Duck hatchlings are tossed carelessly into bins. Ducks are kept on the metal grated slats, which are inherently unsuitable since they often get their bills or feet stuck within the metal slats. … I was horrified to see these ducks in such distress as they flapped their wings frantically, denied appropriate care and left to languish.”
Dr. Armaiti May
“Young duck’s bills are seared by holding them against at cautery, without any type of pain control. Because duck’s bills are richly innervated all the way to the tip, this procedure causes severe pain and results chronic pain for up to 2 weeks… Multiple ducks were shown with foot and leg injuries. Keeping them on wire, as shown in this video, is known to cause pain and injury to the bird’s legs and feet.”
Dr. Lee Schrader

Dynamic World of Ducks

Ducks are friendly animals who prefer to spend their days swimming in lakes or ponds. At night, ducks will sleep in groups called paddlings. Cleanliness is extremely important to ducks, who will spend hours grooming and preening their feathers and keeping their nests free of waste and garbage.

Dynamic World of Ducks

Ducks sure get around. Species of wild ducks are found on every continent except Antarctica. Ducks can fly up to 60 miles per hour and often travel hundreds of miles during their migrations. Like geese, ducks typically fly in formations for safety and reduced air resistance.

Dynamic World of Ducks

Ducks are chatty, but rarely quack. Instead, ducks chirp, whistle, grunt, bray, and make a wide variety of other sounds and physical gestures to communicate. Scientists have also learned that ducks have regional accents, and that “country” ducks have softer, smoother voices than their loud, city-dwelling counterparts.